Core Abs Conditioning To Keep Pain Free Personal Trainer In London

Core Conditioning London

Core Conditioning London

Why are so many personal trainers in London not doing core or Abs training in the right way? They are doing sit-ups on the floor, which will make the top part of the abdominals too tight, which will pull the head and posture forward, which is bad for your lower back and neck.

I have had clients who could do 100’s of sit-ups on the floor but could not do anywhere near as many on a swiss ball before the neck started to hurt. I say ‘no’ to sit-ups on the floor – do them on a swiss ball. BUT no more than 8 reps per set and only 3 sets if your beginner.

the swiss ball is one of best ways to work your core London and get best balance workout for your core and it will help and posture it will help with balance and stability if you go dizzy over the swiss ball you must go and see an osteopath.

abs workout london

abs workout London

There is so much more to core training than sit-ups. The core is where the body moves from. If your core is weak then you are weak all over your body. But so many personal trainers in London do not know how to train the core in the right way. You have oblique muscles in the low abdominal and upper abdominal. There are many ways to train these muscle but there is the only right way. You need to learn to activate your core in all your training and movement and just doing abs on the floor will not do will give you bad posture lower back pain and much more  So if you need help with this, give me a call.

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