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What is it? Why should I use it?

 Master C.H.E.K Practitioners level 4 are very specialized at designing corrective exercises because of the experience and number of years of continuous studying, so we can deliver very specific corrective exercise programs.

Many people will have a forward head posture, rounded shoulders and misaligned hips, along with core muscle that has stopped working and inverted breathing and movement patterns.

So, a really good corrective exercise program may take 6 months to a year for you to change. At Active Bryant Systems, we pride ourselves on designing a very up to date, cutting edge program to make sure that your goals and dreams are achieved.

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Scott Bryant London

If you are suffering from
herniated disks, sciatica, lower or upper back pain, anterior pelvic tilt, knee pain, or shoulder pain. We at active Bryant systems can help you with our holistic, corrective, exercise program, which is guaranteed to make you feel fitter, healthier and stronger as you age.

The spine is a loading system, so if you have a problem with your spine and it is causing your knee pain or lower back pain. Corrective exercise can really help to correct the muscle structure as well as move the skeletal structure to get you out of pain and into the optimal performance.

In my opinion, no one should be regularly training, without first going through a corrective exercise program consisting of flexibility, stability, strength, speed, then power. Most trainers today will go straight to speed and power first, which can, unfortunately, lead to injury and pain.

So if you don’t want your body to break down early and would like to train right through to old age, then corrective exercise can help you, regardless of whether you are male or female, young or old!

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Scott Bryant Corrective Exercise London

Please understand that corrective exercise won’t take 6 weeks. It’s more like 6 months. Also, Scott may ask you to do stuff at home, as well as in the gym, for you to get your results.

If you are willing to commit to a twice exercise program, then give Scott a call or an email today!

Please feel free to contact me for more details.07841144878 email