Fees and Packages

1.Initial Consultation

We begin the relationship with a comprehensive wellness consultation lasting 30 minutes face to face if you are near Battersea, London. I also offer a free Skype option for those who are outside of London. I will then give you a 10-day holistic, diet and lifestyle assessment questionnaire that you must take home to complete. The assessment questionnaire goes deep into your nutrition and lifestyle habits and it helps me to identify your symptoms of pain, stress. This helps me to understand the possible reasons why you can’t lose weight, get fit, or be pain-free! This allows me to get to the root of the issue, so I can help you with your health and fitness goals.You will then receive a tailored online exercise program.

Online Personal Fitness Training In UK

 all our client get their program to their phone or pc or iPad or Scott can print for you.


I like to make working with me as affordable and easy going as possible. Therefore the fees and packages are set on sliding scales to meet your individual needs. With my packages, I offer complimentary sessions when you book in advance, which are as follows: A 3- month starter package. This allows you to see how we get on, so we can continue your health journey together. All my packages are designed with your needs and goals in mind and to coach you to a level of health and fitness that you haven’t felt before. If you enjoy the starter package then you can choose from any one of my 6-12 month or 101-day Body-Mind transformation packages. This is designed to keep you focused on your long-term health and fitness goals. As a gift, if you book new packages I will give you a complimentary session to say thank you for working so hard and for training with me! You can see the full list of my fees and packages below. The more sessions you book in advance the more money you save. You are also likely to reach your health and fitness goals much faster too!

2. Who Benefits?

  • Clients that are overweight or have lower back pain  
  • If you been seen you physio and dr it not work   
  • Those with sciatica-slipped disc  
  • Those with a herniated disc
  • Post and pre-back surgery
  • Those with bad posture
  • Those looking gym or home fitness 
  • Those looking build muscle 
  • Those who are looking to get stronger
  • Anyone who is confused about their diet 
  • Mums to be
  • Athletes seeking sport specific conditioning
  • Office workers who sit down all day
  • New mums and dads
  • Golfers who want to raise their game
  • Personal trainers who are looking to learn more
  • Those who are not happy with their results
  • People looking to make long-term diet and lifestyle changes

Sports Massag

The Results my clients feel and see 

  • Lose weight  
  • Feel Healthy
  • Back Pain-free  
  • More Energy 
  • Overcome injury
  • Get stronger 
  • Be fitter 
  • Great Posture 
  • 9%Body fat 
  • Build muscle 
  • Know Best Exercise to do in the gym
  • Be bug-free 

3. Physical Assessments

A comprehensive whole-body assessment is used to measure range-of-motion, vision, respiration and upper cervical spine health. During our sessions, the information that is collected helps me to create a program specifically tailored to your needs and goals. I have a broad array of available therapies and I focus on tissue regeneration to prevent re-injury, to create body movement programs that are challenging, safe and fun. There are four phases of training and the length of each phase is dependent upon the athletic ability of each client. Each phase will last between 4-8-12 weeks. I will then evaluate your progress and decide when you can move on to the next level and I will provide ongoing support & motivation to keep you going.


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Advanced Personal Training Platinum Price Per Hour For This Package

All Sessions Can Be Arranged In The Gym Or Home Or Office And Park
  • 1 FREE Training sessions on sing up 
  • Online exercise program 1-2-1 PT 
  • Diet And assessment of 5 hours
  • Free gift is included in your package

Sports Performance Personal Training Silver Price Per Hour For This Package

All Sessions Can Be Arranged In The Gym Home Or Office And Park
  • Home gym or park training 
  • Train any Time You Need
  • Diet Lifestyle Coaching assessment plus 7 hours 1-2-1 coaching  
  • 3 Hour posture core assessment
  • Free fitness programs every month 
  • Sport Massage 
  • All this included in your package

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