C.H.E.K Personal Trainer London 

1. Initial Consultation

Fees We begin the relationship with a comprehensive wellness consultation lasting one hour face to face and then10 day holistic diet Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire that you take home with you. The assessment questionnaire helps us identify symptoms of pain and stress and why cant lose weight or get fit and how we need to help you.with your health and fitness goals.

               Diet and lifestyle coaching session. 

We like to make working with us affordable and stress free. The prices and packages are set on sliding scales to meet your individual needs. With my packages, I offer complementary sessions when you book in advance which are as follows: 6 weeks starter packages allows you to see if we are right fit to continue your health journey. All my packages are designed with your needs and goals in mind: to coach you to a different level of peak health and well-being that you haven’t felt before. If you enjoy starter packages then you can choose our 101days fitness is our cheap packages or 3-6-12 month packages to keep you focused on your health and fitness goals. and for you as gift if you book new packages we give you a one complementary session so can see how we work to say thank you for working with us.

2. Who Benefits?

  • Athletes seeking sport specific conditioning.
  • Clients that are over weight and have lower back pain.
  • Clients with pain or stress anxiety. 
  • Office workers who sit down all day.
  • Mums & Dads who like better lifestyle
  • Golfers who want to raise their game.
  • People looking for help making a diet and lifestyle change

3. Physical Assessments

Full Body assessment and is used to measure range-of-motion, vision, respiration, and upper cervical spine health. and  much more .Over sessions the combination of the information collected helps to create a program specifically tailored to your bodies needs and goals .Skilled assessments and whole-body assessments. I have a broad array of available therapies.i use Focus on tissue regeneration to prevent re-injury body movement programs. Home therapy and health maintenance program.There are four phases of training. The length of each phase is dependent upon the athletic ability of each client. Each phase will last between 4-6-8 weeks, I will then evaluate your progress and decide when you can move on to the next level we all give you on going support & Motivation to keep you going.


            give us a call we like to go over. fees face to face 07841144878 or email scttbrynt@aol.com 


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