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Golf fitness Do wants to play better golf. For many, golf is a chance to relax, relieve stress, do business and exercise. However, the desire to lower one’s personal handicap is present in even the most recreational golfer. The most common method to improve handicap is either a lesson from a golf professional or a lot of practice. Although this approach seems logical, it is the reason many golfers end up injured and rarely reach their real potential. Why? Simply because few golfers associate the need for improved physical conditioning with their quest for improved performance. Golfers must consider themselves as athletes and train using programmes specifically designed to improve integration and synchronisation of the whole body.

One Arm push.

One arm push for golf swing 

The Golf fitness London C.H.E.K Practitioner assessment incorporates a personalised programme to meet individual client’s need to improve: your game keep pain free and hit ball longer and lower your golf handicap 



The personalised Golf fitness  programme ensures that the hardware (joint and muscles) and software (the swing itself) can work together for optimum results and improved performance and handicap.

  1. lower your golf handicap
  2. Better golf fitness 
  3. Fix swing faults
  4. Be back Pain Free. 
  5. Lose fat fast 
  6. Drive the ball 60 yards more. 
  7. More golf power.
  8. Win more games then you lose .
  9. Get personalised Golf program.
  10. 18 years of coaching golfers 


June 2017

I’ve been working with Scott for 9 months with a real objective to improve my golf game. I have been aware of the Paul Chek approach to fitness and sports performance for some years, and with Scott training me the results have been extraordinary.

We have worked on balance, strength, speed and endurance and always with the mechanics of the golf swing as the key focus in our sessions.

I am now driving the ball substantially further than ever before, and consistently hitting 290 to 300 yards. I am able to rotate further, and use the improved strength in the key muscles to great effect.

Before I started working with Scott I had a severe shoulder injury, consistent lower back pain and my endurance was very poor. After 9 months, my shoulder has improved to the point where I no longer suffer and my golf swing is free and full. My back is now strong and pain free, and my endurance levels are at an all-time peak.

Not only have the training sessions created fantastic results, but Scott’s guidance on nutrition and lifestyle have helped me lose weight and improve sleeping patterns.

I have used personal trainers for 15 years, but Scott is the first one to take such a holistic approach. His knowledge derives from years of experience and a dedication to his profession.

As an avid golfer I can confirm that training with Scott has been a real game-changer for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to dramatically improve their golf performance. Kevin 


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