Russian Kettlebell Personal Trainer London

The Kettlebell or Girya in Russian is a cast iron weight which resembles a cannon ball with a handle. An ancient Russian exercise device for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance.

Kettlebells were used by the great strongmen of old – World’s Strongest Man Eugene Sandow, undefeated six times world wrestling champion Ivan Poddubny, and the great Arthur Saxon whose lift “The Two Hands Anyhow” of 448lbs has never been equalled.

Soviet Weightlifting legends such as Vorobyev, Vlasov, Alexeyev and Stogov started their Olympic careers with old-fashioned Russian kettlebells.

manual pronounced kettlebell drills to be “one of the most effective means of strength development”. “For more intensity try kettlebells… it’s a full body workout, aerobic and strength-building”Russian Kettlebell Training London

  • Build strong muscles
  • Build  endurance
  • Get Fit Fast

    Russian Kettlebell London

  • Lose Fat fast
  • Get more tone
  • Do it in home park or gym
  • Have more energy

Scott like to do full body assessment make sure you are ready for this type of workout



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