Chi Fitness Bootcamp London

All the way from San Diego California, incorporating the 5 elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood chi workout in park or your home chi is about energy in side you body if your chi is low then your health will be to with this session we will work on 5 elements in body that can help your body to start healing from inside out with the use of chi fitness Bootcamp London .

no running
no press-ups
no stress
have fun!
energizing and relaxing exercise
works on physical, emotional and mental issues
increase your energy levels
increase your self-esteem
help with stress
strengthen your body from the inside out
fat loss  open the mind

Includes a 1 hour assessment of your body at your own home, workplace or at a local park.

To do this Bootcamp you must have an open mind and be ready for some thing new you feel rest and relaxed and energised.

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