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Scott is an advanced corrective exercise specialist who is skilled in rehabilitation and correcting chronic back pain problems Solve your back pain problem now!!.Fatigue

If you like your sport but are generally feeling too tired to take part this could be due to any number of things. Poor diet, dehydration, lack of sleep and over exercising can all contribute towards the overall feeling of fatigued and pain.

Scott specialises in helping with these areas.

The abdominal muscles are affected by relaxing during pregnancy in order that the rectus abdominus muscles can stretch and separate. These may lengthen by approximately 20cm (8in)and the waistline may increase by approximately 50 cm (20in). The muscles begin to realign there for four days after delivery but may take six weeks or longer to repair. Scott will help you to train right and eat right to get back into your best shape

  • Would you like your physical fitness back?
  • Would you like to have muscular strength back?
  • Would you like to get your flexibility back?
  • Would you like to have a flat tummy?
  • Have you got some incontinence?

Then Scott can help you with all of this.

The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

strength training

strength training

Exercising and staying active during your pregnancy can help you with some of the symptoms of pregnancy like feeling tired and sluggish, and gaining too much weight. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial because it:

  • Reduces backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Lifts your spirits and balances your mood
  • Improves posture
  • Helps build better muscle tone and strength
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Gives you a sense of control and self-confidence
  • Provides you with time for yourself to do something for yourself
  • Gives you the opportunity to do some socializing.

A pregnancy exercise class is a great way to befriend other pregnant women.

In addition to keeping you fit and healthy now, regular activity during pregnancy also helps improve your ability to cope with the rigors of labour. And after baby is born, it is easier for you to get back in shape if you’ve been staying fit all along. While moderate and pregnancy-safe exercises are good for you, it’s not advisable that you exercise for weight-loss purposes during pregnancy.

Getting Started

Before you undertake an exercise programme there is a detailed health questionnaire. The next stage is exercise prescription and a session to introduce you to the new exercises. From then on ongoing training can be arranged enabling Scott to customise the programme as you progress through the three trimesters. You will receive an information pack on pregnancy and exercise/diet when you sign up for your course.

“Listen to your body do not over do it.”

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