Why is posture so important when it comes to exercise?

When it comes to fitness and lifestyle our body is looking from the inside out. We all need good posture when we sit in our offices for 8 hours a day and anything we do with bad posture results in pain in our neck, back and knees. When our posture is good there is no pain and we can move much more easily.posture persoanl trainer london

In fitness and weight training, the better our posture is, the less load there is on joints in our body. If our posture is bad when we are exercising, we are putting too big a load on our joints. Over time this can cause us pain.

So when sitting or exercising you need to make sure your posture is good to prevent orthopaedic injury. If you have a faulty engram in your brain, it can take up to 5000 repetitions to change it. So when you are training, if your personal trainer is not watching to ensure that you do your exercises with the best form, he is setting you up for injury.

Your London personal trainer should start by assessing your posture in the gym, during your workout. To ensure that you improve your posture, flexibility and muscle balance bent over row is a good exercise as is a prone cobra, if executed correctly.

As a CHEK Practitioner level, I do a 4hour assessment of your posture, movement and lifestyle. Ordinary personal trainers do not carry out this deep assessment. If you would like more information, then you can buy Paul Chek’s book: ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’. This is the number one book for fitness training, lifestyle and how to get your body out of pain. If you sign up with me you get this book for free so we get you looking good in no time and out of pain !!!

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