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We begin the relationship with a comprehensive wellness consultation lasting 30 minutes face to face if you are near Battersea or marble arch, London. I also offer a free Skype option for those who are outside of London. Are you ready to take your health & fitness to a new level in 2018? After meeting you I may offer you a complimentary 1-hour session you will only pay gym fees to help you to decide if you are still slightly unsure about the training commitment. I may also offer FREE 1-hour C.H.E.K personal training taster sessions to my new clients to check that our goals and values match. I have been helping clients to reach their health and fitness goals for over 18 years now. So, if you would like to lose weight and become fit, strong and be pain-free, then do get in touch with me today. I use a cutting-edge, holistic corrective exercise system from the United States of America that encompasses all aspects of diet and lifestyle. My current 1-hour complimentary session offer is too new potential clients; this will also include a mini-assessment of your flexibility, movement, and commitment to your health and fitness goals. This will also allow us to find the package that suits your needs best. If you decide to sign-up I offer you the chance to get the results you want, along with a money-back guarantee if you don’t. The FREE 3- hour C.H.E.K personal training session can be at your home, or in my private gym. (Terms, conditions, and full commitment apply – please ask if you would like more details about this amazing opportunity). If you would like more details live to chat with Scott today!

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8. This offer ends September  28th, 2018. 

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