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Women Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

Weight loss diets personal trainer do not work because we need to eat when our bodies need food – not cut down on what we eat. If you eat the right foods for your body, your body will use it all up. But if you don’t eat for your type then you may get fat, however little you eat.

Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

Lots of us are stressed out and we eat late at night and we eat bad foods like sugar, cakes, pasta, bread, and milk. We do not need any of this in our diet. When we look at animals they are not fat – they only eat what they are designed to eat (except our pets who easily get fat, because we feed them the wrong kind of food).

Here some top tip for you help you with weight loss London 

Animals go to bed when the sun goes down and get up when the sun comes up. This is what we need to do if we want to lose weight. Weight Watchers does not work in the long run because you are cutting out food (especially fat). You see in the news that they look good but then they put it all back on and more.

It’s the same if you stop exercising. Movement is good for us all. If you look at dogs and cats they never stop moving. They get up, go for a run and then rest and then they eat and then the rest, then they go for a run, get love from their owner.

This is all we need: to eat for our type; get good rest; eat good food; and exercise 4 times a week (4 hours a week in total). If dogs and cats stop moving they get fat. If they eat the wrong food they get fat too. In nature, animals live by the sun and moon and only eat food they should eat.

Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

Weight Loss Personal Trainer in London

There are 1000’s and 1000’s of diet and weight loss London books out there. So which one is right? There are so many things we need to look at in life when it comes to food and diet. There is so much bad food which makes us fat. But if you only eat meat and veg you will see your body change overnight. Do not eat anything that comes out of a packet – only eat fresh food as much as you can. We all know this. But there is so much bad stuff out there in the shops. We just need to be strong and stay away from it.

If we go back to what we ate in the 1930’s there was less sickness than there is now. Have a deep look and what your grandparents’ mums looked like. I bet they were not fat. We know now more about the body than we did 20 years ago but we are still overweight, sick and stressed out. All we have do is live as animals do: day by day, get out of bed on time; eat only good food; exercise regularly; rest well, and enjoy what we have now. Then we will be less stressed and Scott new book blow 

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