Abs Core Conditioning Personal Trainer Marylebone In London

Abs and Core Conditioning Personal Trainer

Core Conditioning Personal Trainer Marylebone In LondonHOLISTIC HEALTH

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Why are so many personal trainers in London not doing core or Abs training in the right way? They are doing sit-ups on the floor, which will make the top part of the abdominals too tight, which will pull the head and posture forward, which is bad for your lower back and neck.

Core Conditioning Personal Trainer Marylebone In London

I have had clients who could do 100’s of sit-ups on the floor but could not do anywhere near as many on a swiss ball before the neck started to hurt. I say ‘no’ to sit-ups on the floor – do them on a swiss ball. BUT no more than 8 reps per set and only 3 sets if your beginner come see us for free core assessment Marylebone In London

4 top tips why may have lower back  pain when when doing abs training  

  1. Abs training on floor is not working lower back
  2. Core training on incline bench train hip flexers 
  3. Abs training on floor can is not functional exercise 
  4. Core on floor can give you neck pain 

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the swiss ball is one of best ways to work your core London and get best balance workout for your core and it will help and posture it will help with balance and stability if you go dizzy over the swiss ball you must go and see an osteopath.

Core Conditioning Personal Trainer Marylebone In London

There is so much more to core training than sit-ups. The core is where the body moves from. If your core is weak then you are weak all over your body. But so many personal trainers in London do not know how to train the core in the right way. You have oblique muscles in the low abdominal and upper abdominal. There are many ways to train these muscle but there is the only right way. You need to learn to activate your core in all your training and movement and just doing abs on the floor will not do this.it will give you bad posture lower back pain and much more  So if you need help with this, give me a call.

Scott Bryant guides you through the challenges of weight loss, detoxification and even tackles persistent back pain. Scott has over 20 years’ experience and offers a holistic approach to health and fitness coaching.

A highly-qualified Master C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology) Practitioner, Scott  advises on nutrition, lifestyle and introduces us to healing practices such as Shamanism and therapeutic drumming. His practice also helps the reader to identify and resolve the internal conflicts within the body which, if ignored, can manifest into pain and disease.

This book gives practical advice to help the reader achieve a healthier more positive lifestyle.  

“I found Scott’s website online by randomly searching for “pain + personal trainer” on google and his website came out on the top of the results. I was immediately attracted by the way he set out his training philosophy, and the unanimously positive feedback he received from previous clients. I gave him a ring immediately. Despite being made aware of my limited affordability, he spent 45 minutes with me on the phone asking about and advising on my conditions. I was touched by the genuine care he showed to me as a stranger” Yubo Mao – Corporate Finance Valuations ExecutiveThis book is short but is bursting at the seams with information.

With many different approaches out there in the realm of health and fitness, and spiritual development its hard to know where to turn and people can find themselves trying one approach and not getting the results they’re after. This is not the case with Scott’s method. The system found in the teachings of the CHEK institute (of which Scott is a master practitioner) is the most comprehensive, rigorous and beneficial of the whole lot. And this book does an excellent job of relating the essence of the CHEK method in a relatable, easy-to-read way. Without overloading the reader with jargon and empty information, the book does an excellent job of motivating you to take the next step in transformation.
I am looking forward to being coached by Scott in how to pursue a holistic, happy lifestyle. I got that impression in the succinct and open manner that the book communicates.
Powerful stuff, an energising take on this stuff without being overbearing. I liked how I could take the book with me in a jacket pocket and always got something out of it when reading it wherever I went.
Really good value

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