Goals Without GOALS in your life, you achieve nothing in london !

Goal setting is a MUST if you would like to have a successful life and stay healthy and fit. The best goals are set over a period of time and are measurable and achievable! I use goal setting all the time in order to achieve my health, fitness and study dreams. I believe that without setting goals you are simply setting yourself up to fail! The first thing you need to think about is what sort of things you want to have in your life? Think about it for a while and then write them down carefully. Next, you have to ask yourself, is this goal realistic? If you want to deadlift 100kg by next week, but you’re only currently lifting 5kg, then something is clearly wrong. You are just setting yourself up to fail! So, your goals must be realistic and broken down into a number of smaller goals first. As you achieve the micro steps towards your goal, eventually you will achieve the big goal. Repeatedly writing down your goal helps it to sink into your

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subconscious mind and also helps you to focus and achieve your goal. I also believe that using your imagination by pretending that you have already achieved your goal also helps it become a reality, as long as you are putting the hard work in too! 4 proven steps to help you achieve your goals!

1. You must have a specific dream and a specific timeframe that you would like to achieve it in.

2. You must write your goals down every day. Night or day!

3. You must create a plan to achieve your dreams and work out what price or sacrifices you are

willing to make to achieve your goal.

4. You must think about your goal as often as you can. The more you stay in the moment the more you can achieve your goals.

Please remember to be realistic about your goals! See your goals. Feel your goals and keep pushing onwards to achieve your goals. Also, remember that sometimes we don’t achieve our goals as quickly as we would like too, but if you put the energy in and the visualization in you will do it! I set my mind on becoming a C.H.E.K Master Practitioner; it took me 8 years, but I got there in the end! So if there were dreams you would like to achieve or goal you would like to achieve in your life. Visualize it. Write it down. Feel it. Don’t quit. Make it happen! Thank you for reading this. If you would like any help with your goal setting whether it’s nutrition and diet, weight loss and exercise, or getting yourself out of