Heal Your Anxiety with Personal Trainer in London during childhood. In the book, ‘the mind-gut connection’ Emeran Mayer explain how neuroscientists have found a deep connection between childhood, negative stress exposure and the increased likelihood of anxiety as they age.
Low gut flora and imbalances of bacteria and brain function are uniquely linked together. Imbalances in the gut have been associated with many neural disorders, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.
Research also showed that there was a link between anxiety and an irritable bowel. Also, what I have found during my studies is that many people have multiple parasites from having a weak constitution in their stomach, or by having more bad bacteria in the gut than good bacteria. This imbalance allows parasites into the body more easily. Guardia is one parasite that can cause havoc to the nervous system; it

Heal you with exercise can cause Anxiety if you over exercise 

IBS and other related issues. Heal Your Anxiety with Personal Trainer in London
In order to heal your mind, it’s important to heal your gut. In order to know what’s going on in the gut, you need to do extensive lab testing and get started with a very good probiotic diet, in which to let the stomach heal. This can take from 12 weeks up to 6 months!
So, if you are suffering from heart palpations, panic attacks, pain in your lower intestine, Heal Your Anxiety with Personal Trainer in LondonIBS, sweaty hands, or just not feeling your usual self; then we at Active Bryant Systems can truly help you to get your health back and overcome your anxiety once and for all!
This program would consist of lab work, diet and lifestyle evaluations, gentle re-balancing exercise along with meditation and relaxation, in order to allow your body to heal over a period of time.
Unfortunately, there is not a quick fix for anxiety. But at Active Bryant Systems we guarantee you that we can help you to get the result you want, providing you follow the program that we design together.
I also recommend that all client read ‘The Mind-Gut Connection’ to understand this complex condition at a deeper level. Unfortunately, many doctors do not have the time to spend with their patients to offer the best solutions for anxiety related illnesses and they definitely aren’t a magic pill that will fix it, long-term either. I use an advanced tried and tested system from the USA that will allow you to become your own doctor, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.
If you are looking for a leading professional with over 18 years of experience and would like to banish anxiety for good, then please contact Scott at Active Bryant Systems today! 0784114478