Personal Trainer in London

Personal Trainer London 

There are 30,000 personal trainers London. have you got the right one for you !!!

How many of them are any good?

Is it OK for them to help you with your fitness when all they have done is a 3-week course (that they pay £3000 for)? How can they say that they can get you out of pain and get you into shape and be looking your best for only 8 weeks of training? I don’t think they can.

It takes a doctor more than 5 years of studying to be able to properly assess your fitness and health. You need to do more than cardiovascular and weight training to get your body into shape. And yet this is all a lot of trainers are making you pay for. Fitness professionals need to change and look deeper at their clients. Working with a good personal trainer is not only about fitness and weight, it is also about mind, body, and spirit.

How many trainers are London doing a postural assessment as well as a corrective stretching and exercise programme for their clients? Personal trainers Battersea in London are some of the best in the UK, but some are not so good. So there are 5 things you should look for when choosing a personal trainer:

1. Is your trainer in fantastic shape?
2. Is your trainer qualified to get the results you want?
3. Does your trainer understand how the body works (anatomy)?
4. Does your trainer know about nutrition and different body types?
5. Does your trainer understand how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your body interact?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then your trainer is a CHEK trained professional………

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