Price and Packages

    Do you want to

  • Shift that unwanted weight to make you feel good and look great?
  • Lose up to a clothes size in just 4  weeks?
  • Lower your golf handicap 
  • Become completely pain-free?
  • Feel fit and full of vitality?
  • Get more toned?
  • Have great Posture 
  • Get more sleep 
Find a Personal Trainer in London

Find a Personal Trainer in London

The Process

You begin the relationship with a comprehensive wellness interview lasting one hour and a 10 day Holistic Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire that you take home with you. The assessment questionnaire helps us identify symptoms of pain, disease and stress. A four hour body assessment and 1hr gym assessment is used to measure range-of-motion, vision, respiration and upper cervical spine health. Over a four hour session the combination of the information collected helps to create a program specifically tailored to you. These methods used by Corrective Exercise Specialists and are scientifically proven, safe and effective

  • Skilled whole-body assessment
  • Assessment of 145 over 5 hour 
  • Broad array of available therapies use 
  • Focus on tissue regeneration to prevent re-injury
  • Body movement programs
  • Home therapy and health maintenance program
  • On line Program you can see how your doing

There are four phases of training. The length of each phase is dependent upon the athletic ability of each client. Each phase will last between 4-12 weeks, until next evaluation to move forward to the next level.

Price and Packages

INVESTMENT  £77ph  £87ph  £187ph 

Special offers

If you book 3 month worth of seasons you get 3 sessions complementary

If you book 6 month worth of seasons you get 6 sessions complementary

If you book 12 month worth of seasons you get 12 sessions complementary

One to one personal training at home, work or in the gym 20 session
If you are looking to get fit and lose some fat my work outs last for 45 min and you will work hard and have the best personal trainer in london to help you with your goals


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