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Quick & Easy Protein Tips

Getting enough protein in your diet is a key ingredient for both weight loss success AND muscle-building success. Protein boosts your metabolism while stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels.

It’s also what your body uses to build muscle tissue – so if you’re doing any type of weight training you really need protein in each and every meal you eat.

But, if you’re a busy person (as most of use are) you probably know how difficult it can be find fast, easy protein snacks that actually taste good. Yes, you can buy some protein bars and instant powders, but these get old after awhile, especially if they’re your main “snack” foods. Even the good-tasting protein powders are easy to get sick of after a week or two.

Here are some good “real food” sources of protein which are quick and easy to prepare (and use)…

  • hard-boiled eggs: eat them plain or chop them up and mix in some light mayo for healthy egg salad
  • cottage cheese: the individually sized packs are a convenient and VERY healthy source of protein
  • chicken breasts: cook 4 or 5 on Sunday night and use them as a quick “protein boost” on salads or in sandwiches
  • tuna: the new easy-open pouches and cans make it easier than ever to take this delicious fish with you
  • string cheese: the full-fat kind makes a delicious mid-afternoon snack at work

Protein options if nothing else is available, just try to get an “organic” brand.

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