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Holistic Health for Proper Geezers and Classy Ladies: Get the body fitness you want!


Holistic Health in London

Holistic Health in London

Fantastic book. Loved reading all about why I am supporting my own dream in the section that I am included. Scott has taught me loads as he has been my coach in health and fitness and helping me with my own business. Having a Master Chek Practitioner has guided me through the principles to focus upon and the process of achieving my dream. This not only helped me achieve what I want in life but also helped me pass this on to others in my business.
Reading Scotts book has inspired me to keep going and get amazing results. It is Scott telling me this that has really brought me to a positive place in my health and well being. Great to read the book Scott. Really appreciate the section on drumming and dance. Just loved it!

This book is short but is bursting at the seams with information.

With many different approaches out there in the realm of health and fitness, and spiritual development its hard to know where to turn and people can find themselves trying one approach and not getting the results they’re after. This is not the case with Scott’s method. The system found in the teachings of the CHEK institute (of which Scott is a master practitioner) is the most comprehensive, rigorous and beneficial of the whole lot. And this book does an excellent job of relating the essence of the CHEK method in a relatable, easy-to-read way. Without overloading the reader with jargon and empty information, the book does an excellent job of motivating you to take the next step in transformation.
I am looking forward to being coached by Scott in how to pursue a holistic, happy lifestyle. I got that impression in the succinct and open manner that the book communicates.
Powerful stuff, an energising take on this stuff without being overbearing. I liked how I could take the book with me in a jacket pocket and always got something out of it when reading it wherever I went.
Really good value!

Holistic health for proper geezers and classy ladies is one of the best holistic health i have read. Scott bryant does great job, explaining about the important of diet, lifestyle, detoxing the body, correct exercise program and goal setting as well the importants for healing mind and body with shamanism.
The writing in the book is funny and well written. Scott bryant sum up each chapter well and dont drag on like some book. He gets to the point, unlike some books I have read in the past that waffle on.
If you into holistic health or personal trainer, I highly recommended this book. It is easy to read and understand. I look forward to reading more of Scott Bryant work in the future.Review by Michael James Hatch

This is the best book I’ve ever read that has “Proper Geezers” in the title.
Well done Scotty…you are a proper geezer!!!



After purchasing this book In Waterstones I found it very helpful and informative and a hard read to put down it’s also one of those books that you constantly refer back to learning new things every time you read it.
I’m leaving my review here as I’m now purchasing a second one to send to my sister who I believe will greatly benefit from reading this as she is a big believer in holistic healing.
As this is the first book I’ve come across from this author I very much hope it has every success I will look forward to a follow-up soon.
Although short, this book is packed with information.
I was feeling a little lost and stumbled upon this. I found the piece about visualising achievement rather than waiting for it so helpful!
This is now by my bed so I can refer to it for encouragement when I need to!!
Just buy it!!

Clearly knowledgable and knows his stuff. Loads of great tips about diet and keeping healthy and very enlightening. Taught me a thing or two i had no idea about and has a nice spiritual feel to the book.

I’m really into Holistic health, helped me through my early pregnancy. How to eat healthy and to relax.
I really enjoyed reading the book and I keep going back and reading the book to help me keep focussed on my dreams and healthy pregnancy. Love the title really catchy and I would recommend this to all my friends!!
Must buy !!

A friend recommended this book to me after they read it I did actually purchase it on Amazon but for some reason I can’t leave a review so I thought I would do it here instead
The book is an amazing read and hard to put it down even though I’ve now read it from cover to cover I still keep going back to it to refer to certain parts for inspiration
Since reading the book taking the advice and having a more positive attitude to life I’ve already achieved one of my goals and lost just under 1 stone in 4 weeks And will continue with my goals
The book is well presented is a really good price for the information you get and the free gift within the book is a great offer
As this looks like Scots first book but looking at His Facebook profile I can see he seems to have years of experience and after messaging him and finding out he has a new book coming out at the end of this year I am eagerly anticipating another good read

If like to buy my book click here HOLISTIC HEALTH For Proper Geezers And Classy Ladies Get The Body And Fitness You Want ! By Scott 

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