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Weak Glues Can Give You Lower Back Pain London

I’ve turned into an ‘angel’! new year new you 

Well not literally, but it is appropriate over the festive period that the one exercise I’ve been working on the most is called the ‘wall angel’. This exercise is designed to work the glute muscles in your derriere! The reason we need strong glutes is that they act as the stabilisers in the golf swing. With weak glute muscles you will struggle to maintain good posture and the key to swing consistency is being able to make your backswing and return to strike the ball away with the same good posture angle established at address, adding power to the ball. Performing the Wall Angel exercise once a day will strengthen these all-important glute muscles. Repeat the below exercise 10-15 times, concentrating on keeping good form.

The Wall Angel

– Lie on your side so that you are gently resting against the wall – back of head, spine and bum touching (above).
– Bend your knees in towards your chest so that the sole of your feet are resting against the wall
– Raise your upper leg, maintaining the 90 degree flex, and then make full extension and hold for 5-10 seconds, reversing this movement as you come back down towards the floor (right).

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