After 20 years as a Personal Trainer in London, 12 years as a Master C.H.E.K practitioner in London and over 24 years of working out! I’ve found that the only thing that works is my ‘Top 10’ list I spoke about in my blog called Weight Loss Personal Trainer London’ (Part 1!)

If you read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, his studies proved that people who went away from their habitat, or tribal eating gained weight! Especially if they had white sugar, white flour or white table salt in their diet.

Diet Weight Loss in London

Diet Weight Loss London

We’ve only been eating grains for the past 10,000 years and the market has really changed! There’s GMO in it, which body doesn’t like, there’s pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals that cause an increased toxic load. There’s also over-consumption and reliance due to changes in lifestyle and education, which only adds to the negative effect. This is why a detoxification program is really, really important when you’re trying to lose weight in London.


  1. Only eat fresh food 
  2. Do 4 day rotate with your food 
  3. Eat small and often 
  4. Eat only good fats and oils 
  5. Have organic foods 40% better for you 
  6. All way eat when need 
  7. Don”t  eat the 4 white devils 
  8. Eat for your body’s type 
  9. Don”t eat when stress 
  10. Hydrate your body 
weight loss. in london

weight loss London

Next time I’ll be giving you some of my exercise secrets and I’ll be explaining why many of the exercises we are doing, just don’t work!

If you’re struggling to lose weight in London, or you’re overly stressed and live in London, I guarantee weight loss that you’ll keep off forever, if you stick to my program!

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