running in parks Personal Trainer London ?

Why are we running in parks? We do not need to run, we need to weight train and do CV like walking, but no running. Women do not need it at all, they have less muscle mass than men and more fat than a man. As women get older their bones break down and they start to lose muscle. So, if you are running, you’re wearing them down more, which makes you gain more fat. Men have ten times more testosterone than women, that’s why if you are a woman you would benefit from weight training or doing sprints and walking, but no gym classes like body pump. Which is bad as it’s too fast and a lot of the time Personal Trainers do not have the time to look at your form because there is up to 30 people in one class.

Why are we running in parks Personal Trainer London ?Therefore…my 5 five top tips are:
1 Do not run
2 Do not do classes
3 DO weight train
3 DO go walking, which is better than running
4 Do not diet
5 Do Yoga and rest

And also:

1. Get to bed at 10 pm.
2. Sleep for 8 hours every night.
3. Do not work out before 7:30 am.
4. Don’t let your client tell you what to do.
5. Live a life of love and fitness.

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