Qigong with Personal Trainer London

Qigong? What is Personal Trainer LondonQigong is an ancient Chinese art form for strengthening the body’s vital energy. It works to improve recovery time, energy levels, and immune function using a variety of methods, which are discussed below. The first recorded evidence of Qigong’s health benefits reaches back to 2500 B.C. during the birth of Chinese Medicine.

Qigong? What is Personal Trainer London

Qigong? What is Personal Trainer London

The ancient character of Qi was. Why did they use this symbol? Because Qigong breathing exercises deal with a type of Qi that is in the air. This symbol represented the vapour like the mist of Qi. The Nine-Breath Method is an incredibly powerful breathing practice that instantly brings large amounts of Qi inside your body. This type of high-powered breathing technique is important because it has enough power to break through deep emotional, physical, and energetic blockages (blockages are discussed below).

Movement & postures can also be used to collect Qi. When discussing movement it is important to differentiate between Yoga or traditional exercise. ‘The Qi is like Fog’. If we move abruptly or without fluidity, this pushes the Qi away from us. It is like reaching into a cloud of fog. You can only collect this fog (Qi) if you move slowly. This sounds silly but is very much the reality. Three of the greatest secrets to successful Qigong are:

1) How to transition from one movement to the next with a smooth flow

2) How to Spiral, Pulse, & Press on the Qi while you’re moving. *Use these very important secrets.

Your mind can also direct Qi. There is Qigong prescribed to cancer patients by several wells are known ‘medicine fewer hospitals’ in China that involves visualizing good energy coming in, attacking cancer, and pushing out the bad energy. It sounds too simple! Many have difficulty understanding this kind of Qigong. But if hospitals are using it with success then you must ask yourself: What is the power of my visualization?

Chinese medicine says Qi is stored in the Kidneys and Liver. At seminars with experienced Qigong practitioners from China and other countries – we noticed something. It seemed from talking with them that as they grew older…they actually grew stronger. They weren’t in their ‘prime’ in their 20’s or 30’s. They were as strong as they have ever been in their 60’s & the 70’s! How come Qigong allows the oldest practitioners to become the most powerful healers & martial artists?

Many Qigong practitioners clearly demonstrate (by example) that Qi holds the greatest secrets for life extension. If you would like to know more email [email protected]