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     Are you currently overweight!

Have tried many diets and many workouts to get your body to lose body fat and it not working. for your and you been seen trainer and dr and nutritional and no one has got you results. this what we specialize in many personal trainers in London will overtrain. you in gym home or park.we have systems where we use less is more approach after the age 30 many women’s body start to slow down and put one more fat and can’t train at the same intensity as you did in your 20s so a new Approach it need to get your woman’s body to start to lose weight again with less is more approach. that what works you will feel great not stress and energized looking forward to your next workout not dreading it women’s fat loss does not have to be hard and do have to overdo it gym home or park just need to learn love your body and mind and who you are and listen to what your body telling you not to ignore it . this is some women looking for fat loss don’t do they overtrain to not feel their feelings or to abusing themselves by overdoing it gym to try to lose fat. by using my body and hearing systems your body you lean to hear your body needs not what you think it needs.

                      Scott taught me how listening to the body

Do need help with the following issues.

  • Are you obese and think you can’t lose the weight?
  • Would you like an online program you can do any were?
  • Are you anorexic and have been for years and not been able to find help?


                   Women’s weights

  • Or going through the female change Hot sweats weight gain mood swings?
  • Are you finding it hard to sleep at night?
  • Do have fat you can’t get rid of round your belly.
  • You are you confused about what to eat and when?
  • Do feel personal trainer push you too hard.
  • Are you frightened of exercise and don’t know what the right exercises are for your body?

Here are 10 top tips to help get started

  1. Get much sleep as your body needs 
  2. Learn about fats and what good and what bad
  3. Don’t overdo it gym less is more 
  4. Learn to a lover who is becoming 
  5. Eat for your mind and body type
  6. Body and mind are one hear what saying to you 
  7. Eat good fats to lose fats 
  8. Don’t bet your self you up 
  9. Don’t eat the 4 devil 
  10. Detox every day 

Women’s fat loss London

Don’t worry help is here. with Active Bryant Systems, we have been helping clients just like yourself for over 18 years we have a very comprehensive system where we look at you from the inside out from diet to lifestyle healing and using the corrective exercises systems to help your body and mind to start healing itself.and for you to hear what your body saying to you and for you to lose unwanted fat get your life back on track. The process for use is you have to fill out some 12 deep questionnaires this will take you 14 days Scott will do a series of  other tests to see how healthy you are on the inside Scott will do a five hour assessment of you posture core pain and fitness exercise and much more then he will design you a bespoke online program that will be renewed every 4 – 3-6-12 weeks pending on your progress Scott guarantees his work so

lost 4 stone in 7 moths

lost 4 stone in 7 months



  Scott taught me how listening to my body

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and I have been on a journey to where I am today for a purpose. This journey of mine has been greatly influenced by the people who have made a positive impact on me. My recent experience of the help I have received from Scott Bryant CHEK Master Practitioner and Master Personal Trainer has had a lasting effect on me. I am a Personal Trainer and presently completing CHEK Exercise Coach. I have also studied Holistic Lifestyle Coaching in depth and now and HLC2. I have achieved these qualifications with much help and encouragement from Scott. My past is chequered with a history of illness brought about by a downward spiral of ever-increasing stress. Due to the stress of working busy shifts as a Registered Nurse, two divorces, bringing up my children on my own under the duress of poor nurses wages, I became very unwell indeed with the condition adrenal fatigue. For a while, I did fast pace aerobic exercise and calorie restricted diets, which had a terrible effect on my adrenal glands. Adrenal Fatigue is a term used to denote a syndrome due to decreased ability of the adrenal glands to respond adequately to stresses. It affects the daily lives of those suffering from it. It is a less severe condition than Addison’s disease. When I finally decided to do something about the terrible bouts of depression I had been experiencing as a result of my adrenal fatigue. I went on to train as a Personal Trainer. This was as a result of being encouraged by other fitness professionals to do this. I knew this was what I wanted to continue doing with my life so I took early retirement from full-time nursing and started setting up business as a PT. Following several months work as a PT in a Glasgow Gym. I found this unsatisfactory and wished to pursue a more holistic approach. Whilst looking online I came across The CHEK Institute. I proceeded to apply for the course and study to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1 Following my successful result in this Advanced Training Programme I decided I wanted to further myself academically with The CHEK Institute and train towards becoming a CHEK Practitioner. So I joined the CHEK Academy. It was just after this that Scott contacted me to say he would be my mentor during my time with the academy. As I wished to walk the walk as a CHEK Professional Scott offered to also be my own personal Trainer and HLC for the foreseeable future. So I embarked on a journey of health improvement whilst Scott also guided mine as my mentor in the CHEK Academy. This started December 2014 Scott and I meet up over video calling on Skype as he is in London and I am in Lanark, Scotland. I had to fill out a series of questionnaires and he was able to do a certain amount of physical assessment with my interaction. The main problem I was having was low back pain and I also needed to lose about 20lbs in weight with the majority of the fat being around my middle. It has been with Scott’s help and through my studies as an HLC and CHEK Exercise Coach that I have come to realize that I should not have been on those anti-­‐convulsants for idiopathic seizures in my teens or the anti-­‐depressants in my fifties for what I thought was menopause-related depression. There would have been a different route to take other than the allopathic one. This is the reason I will now look for holistic therapies rather than through conventional medicine. The root causes have been addressed by Scott and I feel satisfied that I am on the mend. Scott didn’t just look at these factors alone. He looked at me a whole person. He gave me the right kind of exercises that were based on the responses in my questionnaires. The exercises I was advised to do by Scott were Paul Chek’s Zone Exercises. He also advised me to keep meditating each day. These helped me gain more energy as the stress I had been experiencing had severely depleted my adrenal glands. He told me that I would go back to doing more challenging exercise when I had the energy to do it. Every now and then I would find that energy just to be shunted back a step with more problems with my adrenal fatigue. Scott taught me how listening to my body was so important. As I continue on my journey it is thanks to Scott I will have a greater chance of healing my adrenal fatigue Scott is also a Metabolic Typing Advisor and through a process of his screening I was found to be a “Polar “ type which meant I was to have 60% protein and fat + 40% carbohydrates n my diet. He emphasized the importance of doing this and through trial and error, I managed to get on the right track. Scott advised me to try Doug Kaufmann’s ‘Anti-­‐Fungal Diet ‘ and I following the initial phase of feeling spacey and lethargic I started to feel really well and lost 16 lbs in weight. I have had two lots of specimens sent off to a lab in South Wales via Scott’s help -­‐ one in Feb this year and one in June. The first lot came back stating that I have intolerances to eggs, wheat, and dairy. So I now avoid the offending foods thanks to Scott’s help and advice re how to manage my diet. It also showed up that I have the parasite blastocystis hominus which is very difficult to get rid of. One of the ways you can get this bug is caring for sick people, so I could have got this during my nursing years – even though I washed my hands thoroughly and wore gloves all the time. You can also get this abroad if you are in contact with dirty water (swimming pools, water used to wash salads etc). This parasite is very common but I wanted rid of it. The effects of having this parasite was worsening my adrenal fatigue. I also had a dysbiosis in my gut and I was producing too much bad bacteria. Scott advised me to eat in accordance with my Metabolic Type (MT) and to adhere to the 6 foundation principles of health. NUTRITION, HYDRATION, SLEEP, BREATHING, THINKING, AND MOVEMENT. With his help, I have covered these areas with success. We have long conversations over the phone and on Skype about adrenal fatigue, breathing correctly, meditation, drinking enough good quality water, getting to bed on time, spiritual issues, metabolic typing and the importance of having quiet times – particularly due to my adrenal fatigue. This is to name but a few of the topics of conversation we covered on our calls. Scott has given me some great advice about running my business and I really appreciate his long years of experience as a PT. The main difficulty has been the adrenal fatigue because when I am tired I reach for the stimulants. I had a spell of severe stress due to having to move house and study for exams as well as my mother very ill with shingles. My adrenal fatigue took a slump and my diet fell by the wayside. However, Scott was by my side and he was there on the end of the phone or on Skype giving me support. It has been very difficult to get the weight off and I have been glad that I have had the time to focus on doing so at home while I was studying for HLC2 and now CHEK Exercise Coach. Scott’s help to do all this has been invaluable. My second lot of labs have come back with more unhealthy bacteria and the parasites are still there. So I continue with further supplements to take care of this as well as a change of supplements for my adrenal fatigue. Scott continues with support in relation to this including advising me to read the book “Adrenal Fatigue” by James Wilson. He has given me useful advice in relation to reducing its effects by avoiding energy draining people, ensuring enough rest and relaxation as well as avoiding too many exercises. He reminds me of the principles of being more Yin instead of Yang. I am now a Mixed metabolic type which is consistent with the change of the climate here in Scotland. He has advised me to cut out grains as much as I can and I must admit I do feel a difference doing this and I am starting to lose more weight again. I had put a bit of weight back on during the recent stressful time but I have lost that weight again with Scott’s help. I adhere to the six founding principles every day and things have settled down at home and I can get on with building my business. Six months on I feel 10 times better, my depression has stayed away and I now have a healthy formula to follow for life Scott has made a significant and positive difference to my life and his help continues with my journey to heal my adrenal fatigue and my gut. I thought of going to another Personal Trainer to help me lose the weight and start to feel better but I now know that Scott has been the right person who has been highly skilled enough to do what was needed to be done. He has been very thorough and patient with me and helped me take responsibility for my own health. I know now that there is something simple that runs through everything in his approach if you just stick to it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Scott. *Results may Debbie Miller CHEK Practitioner level 1

*Results may person to person.

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Working with Scott was wonderful. I had worked with other trainers but Scott’s real knowledge of the body and systems really helped to shift some weight!

Mi ShiVa 

Scott is amazing! He has changed my way of thinking about food and exercise. He has helped me so much in every way and I can’t thank him enough.
I recommend him hugely

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