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What is personal trainer

personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness Diet and lifestyle involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients and help to push the clients

personal trainer
personal trainer

What dose personal trainer do

What dose personal trainer do Personal TrainerPersonal trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective-health fitness programs. They instruct and assist people in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

Averagepersonal trainers charge

On averagepersonal trainers charge £30 to £50 per 30-minute session, £40 to £70 per hour session, and £60 to £200 per 90-minute session. Group fitness training starts at £35 per class. Get free estimates from personal trainers near you .

nationally certified fitness professionals

Personal trainers are nationally certified fitness professionals with advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, nutrition and lifestyle exercise science. They have the ability to create and lead individual and group exercises that are tailor-made for the health needs of their clients

Here are the top 6 skills every personal trainer should have:

  1. Passion As a personal trainer, you need passion for what you’re doing
  2. .Compassion
  3. Ability to meet your need
  4. To go the extra mile
  5. To make exercise fun and enjoyable
  6. To give you goals that are achievable

What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?These 6 Characteristics

  • They’re focused. … 
  • They’re human. … 
  • They walk the walk. … 
  • They ask questions. … 
  • They educate their clients. … 
  • They don’t use too much lingo. … 
  • They provide homework assignments. … 
  • 6 Exercises to Improve Agility.

What personal trainer certificate is most respected?

Increase your earning potential as a Personal Trainer with these top money making ideas

  1. Sell Membership Models.
  2. Offer In-Home Personal Training.
  3. Host Boot Camps.
  4. Provide Personalized Workouts and Meal Plans.
  5. Online training
  6. Write book
  7. Holiday training
  8. Sell supplements
  9. Persoanl trainer mentoring
  10. Making web site

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